Checkerspots and crescents 6-28-14 3

We started doing NABA Butterfly counts here at the farm in 2005.  (We actually tried starting in 2004, but it was cool and cloudy and we only saw a few butterflies.)  Here are links to information about each year’s count.




This is a list of all the butterfly species I’ve seen at the farm, with links to photos I’ve taken.  (There a few that I’ve seen but don’t have photos of – they’re listed below the photos in each family.)  Mike Reese, his wonderful Wisconsin Butterflies website, and his help with the Butterfly Counts that we do here, has been an inspiration and a tremendous help in learning more about these butterflies.

Click on a photo for more photos and information about that species.

Swallowtails – Papilionidae

Whites & Yellows – Pieridae

Checkered White – Pontia protodice


Gossamer Wings – Lycaenidae


Brushfoots – Nymphalidae


Skippers – Hesperiidae

Dun Skipper – Euphyes vestris

Mulberry Wing – Poanes massasoit