Nymphalis antiopa – Mourning Cloak

Caterpillar foods:  primarily willow, but also poplars, elm, birch, hackberry  (Bugguide)

This is one of the earliest butterflies we see in the spring.  They spend the winter as adults, hibernating in brush piles or under bark.  The adults feed on tree sap or rotting fruit.


mourning cloak 1 3-17-09



mourning cloak 4-4-08


4/15/2009  mated pair

mourning cloaks mating 4-15-09


6/16/2009  larva on willow

mourning cloak larva 6-16-09 1


6/3/2010  there were at least a dozen of these larva on a small poplar

mourning cloak larvae 6-3-10 2


6/6/2006  chrysalis

mourning cloak chrysalis 2 6-6-06


6/15/2006  newly emerged adult

mourning cloak underside


6/15/2006  newly emerged adult

mourning cloak hatched 6-06