Resources for learning about plants and animals in native habitats of the upper midwest

This is a list of some of the resources I use to identify and learn about the plants and animals I find on our land.  It’s not a complete list of what’s out there – just some of the ones I find most helpful.

Web sites:
Wisconsin Butterflies
Moth Photographers Group
Insects of Iowa – ID an image
Wisconsin Odonata Survey
Minnesota Wildflowers
Online Virtual Flora of Wisconsin
Illinois Wildflowers
All About Birds – Cornell University

Facebook Groups:
Moths of the Eastern United States and Canada
Wisconsin Bumblebee Observers
Pollinators on Native Plants

Peterson Field Guide to Moth of Northeastern North America – David Beadle & Seabrooke Leckie
Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America – Eric R. Eaton & Kenn Kaufman
Caterpillars of Eastern North America – David L. Wagner

Phone apps:
Audubon Bird Guide
Seek – by iNaturalist
Merlin Bird ID – by The Cornell Lab