Neighboring Prairies

buffalo county prairies

These prairies, and a few other wild places, belong to neighbors and friends who live near us in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.  Almost every hill that we see has a bluff prairie remnant on the south-facing slope, and there are other remnants of prairie and bog and savanna that are tucked away, wherever it was too difficult for farmers to plow, and too hard for cattle to walk. They are most of what remains of the old, pre-settlement  vegetation of this area.

I really appreciate the generosity of our neighbors to let me explore these wonderful places.  I’ve made up names for them – unrelated to any real names they might have.  I’ve put in photos of the places and the plants, and made lists of the plants I’ve seen on each one, but haven’t included any specific location information.

Aster Prairie

Bird’s Eye Prairie

Black Dog Prairie

Blazing Star Prairie

Golden Eagle Prairie

Sand Cherry Ridge

Tamarack Swamps