Limenitis arthemis arthemis – White Admiral

Caterpillar foods:  Cherry, willow, birch and some other trees and shrubs  (Bugguide)

This is one of the color variations of Limenitis arthemis, and is found in the NE United States and SE Canada.  The two color variations I’ve seen here at the farm are L. arthemis arthemis (White Admiral), and L. arthemis astyanax (Red-spotted Purple).  We see many  Red-spotted Purples but very few White Admirals.


Red-spotted Purple and White Admiral 6-3-2010



white admiral 6-3-2010 1



white admiral 6-13-11


7/26/2003  the only photo I’ve ever gotten of the underside of the wings

white admiral 7-26-03 1