Speyeria aphrodite – Aphrodite Fritillary

Caterpillar foods:  violets


aphrodite fritillary 7-08


8/30/2003  The difference between Great Spangleds and Aphrodites from the top is that Aphrodites have a black spot on the basal part of the forewings that Great Spangleds don’t have.

Aphrodite fritillary 8-30-03 9


6/26/2006  Aphrodite Fritillary (front), Great Spangled Fritillary (behind);  Underneath Great Spangleds have a wide light PM band; in Aphrodites the darker orange spills over and covers much of the light band.

aphrodite fritillary with great spangled



aphrodite fritillary 7-6-08



aphrodite fritillary



Aphrodite Fritillary 7-28-13 1