Bench Photos

One of our traditions is that whenever anyone visits the farm, we take a photo of them on one of our benches.  We have four of these benches, facing four beautiful views.  Mike built the first one in 2001, so we’ve had benches almost as long as we’ve owned the farm.  We measure our walks by how many benches we visit – so we can do one, two, three, or four bench walks.

Here are the bench photos we’ve taken over the years – oldest first.    I’ve used only first names (mostly).  I’ve also cheated a little – sometimes it was too hot to sit right on the bench so we stood in the shade behind it; sometimes we didn’t make it quite all the way up the hill to the bench.  And I now count both the EV and the surrey as ‘benches’.  So there are a few non-bench photos too.

Click on a photo to see a larger version.