Phyciodes cocyta – Northern Crescent

Caterpillar foods:  leaves of asters  (Bugguide)

Northern Crescents (P. cocyta) look very similar to Pearl Crescents (P. tharos).  There’s some debate about whether they are all one species, or two species, or even three.  I think most of the ones I see most resemble Northern Crescents.

Northern Crescents are larger.  Males have larger areas of orange on the hind wings, with narrower black borders than Pearl Crescents.  Pearl Crescents often have a dark line through the middle of the hind wing, and dark veins.  Northerns have orange antennal clubs; antennal clubs of Pearls are dark or with a whitish tip.  The range of Northern Crescents is more northern; Pearl Crescents have a more southern range.  (Bugguide)

For the moment, I’m assuming all the photos I have from the farm are Northern Crescents.

6/27/2014  male

northern crescent 6-27-14 9


8/21/2014  male

northern crescent 8-21-14 1


8/21/2014  male

northern crescent 8-21-14 2


6/14/2013  males

northern crescents 6-14-13 1


6/14/2013   male

northern crescent 6-14-13 1


5/27/2012  female

northern crescent female 5-27-12


5/17/2012  female

northern crescent female 5-17-12 1


5/17/2012  male

northern crescent male 5-17-12 1


6/17/2011  These are some of our most common driveway butterflies.

northern crescents 6-17-11 1


6/3/2011  Northern Crescents with one Gorgone Checkerspot

northern crescents and gorgone 6-3-11 1