Colias philodice – Clouded Sulphur

Caterpillar foods: plants in the Pea family (Leguminosae)

These butterflies are commonly seen flying over alfalfa fields, and clustering in damp spots in the gravel at the edge of roads.



7/26/2010   One day there were hundreds of these butterflies along the roadsides.  Mike took a video of one cluster as a car drove by.



7/26/2010  It’s difficult to see the tops of their wings – they rest with wings together.  But this photo has one that was flying in or out, so the “clouded” edge is visible.


8/20/2022  On Butterflyweed


10/9/2022  on New England Aster


5/6/2010  A very green individual


11/5/2006  A very late butterfly