Restoration of Remnants

We have numerous overgrown prairie and savanna remnants on our property.   There are 5 large prairie remnants – of an acre or more – and many smaller ones.

This is Sumac Prairie – our largest remnant.


The tops and sides of the bluffs have groves of open-grown Burr Oaks with savanna vegetation underneath.


Most of these remnants have been invaded by brush and trees over the last several hundred years.  Some of the invaders are non-native weeds.  Others are aggressive natives that have been able to get established because of the lack of frequent fires.


We’ve been slowly working on enlarging these prairies and savannas – opening them up so the native vegetation can come back.  Here are explanations of some of the techniques we use, and some of the results we’ve gotten.


Hand Cutting and Treating Brush

Mechanical Brush Cutting


Girdling Aspen (and other trees)