Limenitis arthemis astyanax – Red-spotted Purple

Caterpillar foods: willow, poplar, cherry, apple, pear, birch, oak, beach, basswood, and others;  also recorded on currant and blueberry  (Bugguide)

This is the more common color variation of Limenitis arthemis that we see here.


red spotted purples 6-3-10 2


6/3/2010  Red-spotted Purples, a Viceroy and a Silvery Checkerspot clustering on animal scat

red spotted purples on scat 6-3-10 1


6/3/2010  White Admiral and Red-spotted Purple

Red-spotted Purple and White Admiral 6-3-2010



red spotted purple 6-3-10 3



red spotted purple 6-12-05 1


These next two have a bit of the white band that distinguishes Red-spotted Purples.  There are some butterflies that show intermediate coloring between the two subspecies.

red spotted purple



red spotted purple 6-28-09 1