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Journal for September 20, 2012

Now you can subscribe to this blog, and get notified about new posts.   You can do it by ‘liking’ our Facebook page, where I post links to all the blog posts as well as any ‘breaking news’ or photos.   Or by signing up to get an email whenever I do a new blog post.  Check out both choices at the top right side of this page. Continue reading

Journal for July 12, 2012

We did our annual NABA butterfly count here last week – on July 6th.  It was very hot – 97 degrees by the afternoon.  Mike Reese, Barb Delaney and I were the counters.  We did pretty well in the morning, but by the afternoon we were too hot to want to climb up the hill to get to the top prairies – so we drove the gator up and walked around in the areas that had good butterflies.  Even so, we were glad to get back to a cool house. Continue reading

Costa Rica Moths

I’ve finally finished organizing the moth photos I took in Costa Rica in March.  I hadn’t done much mothing in a tropical place before, and I’m still amazed at the numbers and variety of what I saw.  I watched and photographed moths on 8 of the nights we were there, and saw about 750 different species!  Continue reading