Junonia coenia – Common Buckeye

Caterpillar foods: Plants in the Plantain family including Snapdragons (Antirrhinum), Plantain (Plantago), Linaria, Dwarf Snapdragon (Chaenorhinum minus); Agalinis in the Orobancaceae, Ruellia in the Acanthaceae.  (Bugguide and personal observation)

Common Buckeyes don’t overwinter in Wisconsin, but they often move north into the state during the summer.   Toward the end of the summer I usually see one or two Buckeyes every day – usually resting on our gravel driveway.

Males have more angular forewings, and less rounded hind wings.

9/26/2010  male



9/5/2010 male


Buckeye caterpillar – 9/6/2010


Another view of the same caterpillar



Buckeye 7-8-13


9/18/2013  female

common buckeye 9-18-13



Common buckeye 8-26-10 1





8/16/2019  Caterpillar on the non-native Dwarf Snapdragon (Chaenorhinum minus) which grows in our gravel driveway.


8/21/2019 Caterpillar on Dwarf Snapdragon



8/25/2019  Chrysalis


8/25/2019  Chrysalis



9/7/2019  Adult that emerged from the chrysalis