2015 Butterfly Count

We did our 2015 butterfly count on Thursday, July 9th this year.  We had 5 people helping – Me, Mike Reese, Joanne and Phil Kelly, and Randy Powers.  Here’s a ‘bench photo’ of the crew (I’m taking the photo).

2015-7-9 Phil Joann Randy Mike

Click HERE for the results of the count.

We didn’t see as many individuals as we usually do, but we got more species – our old record was 39 – this time we had 41.

One of those was a new species for our farm – a Hickory Hairstreak.  It wasn’t very cooperative, so I only have one bad photo.

Hickory Hairstreak 7-9-15


I never take many photos during the count – I’m usually the person who records the sightings, so I’m pretty busy – but here are a few.

Acadian Hairstreak

Acadian Hairstreak 7-9-15


Mated Banded Hairstreaks – we saw 81 Banded Hairstreaks – at least.  They were very active, swirling around oak trees in the savannas and the edges of the prairies.  It made them very hard to count.
mated Banded Hairstreaks


A weevil – possibly Polydrusus formosus or Polydrusus impressifrons

Weevil - Polydrusus formosus or impressifrons 7-9-15 1