Caterpillar Identification

This page is to help me remember the identities of caterpillars I’ve found at the farm.  ‘T’ after a name means that the ID is tentative.  (Click on a photo to see a larger version, or the link to my page about that insect.)


Family Hesperiidae


Family Lycaenidae


Family Nymphalidae


Family Papilionidae


Family Pieridae



Family Bombycidae


Family Cosmopterigidae


Family Crambidae


Family Depressariidae


Family Drepanidae


Family Erebidae


Family Gelechiidae


Family Geometridae


Family Lasiocampidae


Family Limacodidae


Family Noctuidae


Family Nolidae


Family Notodontidae


Family Psychidae


Family Pterophoridae


Family Saturniidae


Family Sphingidae


Family Tortricidae


Family Zygaenidae