Anatrytone logan – Delaware Skipper

Caterpillar foods:  Various grasses including Big Bluestem and Switchgrass  (BAMONA)

Adults nectar from pink and white flowers including Swamp and Common Milkweed, Mountain Mint, Marsh Fleabane, and Thistles  (BAMONA) in late June and early July (Wisconsin Butterflies)

Females are very similar to Byssus Skipper males – photos on Wisconsin Butterflies show how to tell the difference.  (Byssus Skippers are not known to be as far north as Buffalo County – in Wisconsin they’re normally found only in the two far south-western counties.)

6/25/2021  male


7/13/2019 male


7/8/2006  Female

Delaware skipper female 7-8-06 9


7/18/2008   Female

Delaware Skipper female 7-18-08 9


7/12/2009   Male

delaware skipper male 7-12-09 1