2018 Butterfly Count

The count was held on July 11, 2018.  Counters were me, Mike Reese, Kathy Barylski, and Karl and Dorothy Legler.

Species list from the count.

Here’s the crew, ready to start – Kathy, Karl, Dorothy, Mike, Marcie



The best find was a Juniper Hairstreak.  Mike and Kathy found it nectaring on Wild Parsnip in the wetland.   It’s the first time I’ve seen this species here.



Karl and Dorothy left after lunch.  It was very hot, so Mike and Kathy and I decided to try butterflying from the EV.  Mike thought the back was pretty comfy.



It was buggy as well as hot, so our ‘portable screen houses’ got a lot of use.



The EV is a perfect vehicle for butterflying – quiet, easy to stop and start, and open enough to be able to observe the surrounding prairies.   Almost like a safari.