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Costa Rica Moths

I’ve finally finished organizing the moth photos I took in Costa Rica in March.  I hadn’t done much mothing in a tropical place before, and I’m still amazed at the numbers and variety of what I saw.  I watched and photographed moths on 8 of the nights we were there, and saw about 750 different species!  Continue reading

Costa Rica – Birds, Bugs, Frogs, Lizards and one Snake

Rancho Naturalista is mainly a birding lodge, so the birds – around the lodge, at the feeders and in the jungle behind the lodge – were incredible.  I’m not a good bird photographer, so I didn’t take many bird photos, and the ones I have are all the most common species.

The first birds we saw were the hummingbirds.  There were hummingbird feeders everywhere, and each one had numerous birds buzzing around it almost all of the time. Continue reading

South America – Bellavista Lodge, Ecuador

Bellavista Cloud Forest Reserve is on the equator, between about 5,000 and 8,000 feet; a 2 hour drive west of Quito.  When the warm air from the ocean hits the mountains, it rises, and as it cools, it condenses and turns to clouds or rain.  The area where it condenses is called the cloudforest.   It was cloudy or rainy, and cool most of the time we were there.  There were a few moments of sun, but they didn’t last long. Continue reading