Before and After – Comparison Photos

One of the most fun things about these journals about our projects, is looking back on how places used to look, and comparing them with the way they look now.  So here’s a series of comparison photos – a few of the farm itself, and some of both planted and remnant prairies.  Use the sliders to see both photos.

Sumac Bluff

The left photo was taken in about 1930 of the farm and Sumac Bluff when it was owned by the Rutschows.  On the right is the same view taken in the winter of 2015.


Planted Prairies


Buffalo Ridge

On the left is Buffalo Ridge in 2001 when it was planted with soybeans.  On the right is nearly the same view from July 2018 – its 14th summer as a planted prairie.


Pat’s Prairie

On the left, summer of 2000 – planted in soybeans.  On the right, August 2018 – 18 year old prairie.



3 Finger Valley

On the left, the valley in the summer of 2000, planted with soybeans.  On the right, in August 2014, a 13 year old planted prairie.


Prairie and Savanna Remnants

Indian Grass Point

These photos are looking south from the top of the bluff prairie down into Center Valley.  The left photo is from July 2004;  the right photo is from August 2020.



These were taken looking north, from the bluff prairie into the overgrown savanna.  The left photo is from August 2004;  the right photo is from September 2020.



Knife Edge Prairie

This group has 3 photos.  On the left is a pre-digital camera photo of this remnant in the summer of 2000.  The middle photo is from August 2015, after we’d been mowing it for 15 years.  The right photo is from August 2018 after we’d cut and removed the small trees from the middle of the prairie.



Twisted Oak Savanna

On the left is the overgrown thicket just before beginning our savanna clearing project – the first one we’d ever tried – October 2013.  In the middle is the same tree, from a different angle, once we’d finished our clearing work for that year – November 2013.  On the right is the savanna after a few years of recovery – August 2016.