Restoring Prairie and Savanna Habitat in Western Wisconsin

This blog tells the story of the old farm we bought in 2000, and the adventures we’ve had living here.

Our land is in the Driftless Area – the part of the midwest that was never covered by glaciers. Because of its rugged terrain, the land still has many remnants of the pre-settlement landscape – dry bluff prairies, overgrown savannas, sedge meadows and wet prairies. We’re working to protect and expand those remnants,  and to preserve their habitats for the native plants and animals that depend on them.

For a tour of the farm and some of our projects, click on the photo below:

Farm Tour

To read about the most recent happenings, click on the ‘Journal’ category along the side of this page.  For specific topics, look at the links below the journal on the side of this page.

I’ve been compiling an inventory of all the plants and animals we’ve seen here at the farm.  It’s continually changing as we live here longer, see more creatures, and learn more about them.  Look for the current inventory on the side of this page.

I hope you enjoy the tour and the stories.

Marcie O’Connor
Buffalo County, Wisconsin

Current Favorite Photo

5/23/2018  Henslow’s Sparrow


5/23/2018  Singing Henslow’s Sparrow