Everes comyntas – Eastern Tailed Blue

Caterpillar foods:  plants in the Pea Family

Eastern Tailed Blues are common butterflies at our farm in Wisconsin.  I see them throughout the warm moths – from May until September.



8/6/2006   Mated pair


The females lay their eggs on plants in the Pea Family – I almost always find caterpillars when I check out the flowers of Round-headed Bush Clover (Lespedeza capitata).  The caterpillars are flat and slow moving.  They seem to prefer to eat flowers rather than leaves.  They vary in color – from brown to bright green.



7/26/2007   This one is much greener.


8/11/2007  Chrysalis


8/15/2005   Adult males are bright blue on the tops of their wings


Adult females’ upper wings are gray and slightly iridescent.






8/14/2005 on Round-headed Bush Clover (Lespedeza capitata)


9/17/2006  I was drying a pile of Bush Clover seeds, and this butterfly hatched inside the house – its chrysalis must have been on one of the plants.


8/2010  on our driveway




8/8/2013  on our driveway

eastern tailed blues 8-8-13 2