Big View Prairie

This is one of our largest remnant bluff prairies – about 4 acres. It’s on our western bluff on a steep south-facing slope.


It has our best view of the surrounding country – from our bench we can see more than 4 miles down the valley, looking over farms and wooded hills.

Here are photos and stories from Big View Prairie from each year:
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This is an aerial view of the farm with Big View Prairie marked in red.


This is one of our favorite walks and favorite views, so I have many more photos of the view than I do of the prairie itself.  It looks out over Praag Valley – the tiny town of Praag is just around the hill at the far end of the valley.


This is the main part of the remnant prairie.  I’ve worked to clear aspen and sumac from the middle open area, but the edges are still very overgrown.


Below the prairie is some overgrown remnant savanna with scattered open-grown oaks, and exposed rocks.  I’ve cleared a little of the brush that has invaded it, and we hope to clear more soon.


To the west of the prairie, and along its top edge, is more overgrown savanna.


This is the entrance to the prairie – the path leads to the top of the prairie on the right, with more overgrown savanna on the left.  We mowed under these trees in 2015, but haven’t done any clearing since then.


To the west of the prairie, beyond the savanna woods, is a small overgrown dry prairie remnant that we call Corner View Prairie.  It also looks out onto Praag Valley.


Click Here for a list of the plants I’ve found in the prairie and savanna areas.

The main weed problems in both prairie areas are Yellow and White Sweet Clover, some pasture grasses like Smooth Brome, and aspen and birch trees and sumac which are invading the bluff area from both the top and bottom of the slope.   The savanna areas have birch, prickly ash, honeysuckle, burdock, and garlic mustard.