Big View Prairie 2003

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Big View Prairie page.]

This year we cut a path into Corner View Prairie – to make it easier to get to.

9/7/2003  Woods at the edge of Western Prairie – where we planned to cut the path.

sm 9-7-03 1 cov


9/7/2003  The path

sm 9-7-03 2 cov


9/22/2003  Corner View Prairie

sm 9-22-03 1 cov


9/22/2003  Corner View Prairie

sm 9-22-03 2 cov


9/21/2003  The view from Big View Prairie – the birches just below the prairie are very thick.

9-21-03 1


11/24/2003  Rocks, birches, and sumac below the main prairie area

11-24-03 1


11/24/2003   This is Smooth Cliff Brake – a fern that grows in rocky limestone or sandstone cliffs.

11-24-03 2


11/24/2003  The lower part of the prairie, just above the woods

11-24-03 3


11/24/2003  The only large Red Cedar on this remnant.  Red Cedars are a native tree that’s often grows aggressively on remnant bluff prairies.  For some reason, it’s not much of a problem here – we have only a few on each of our bluff prairies.  I like having them because they add to the diversity of plants, and they’re the host plant for several insects, including Juniper Hairstreaks which I’m still hoping to find here.

11-24-03 4