Big View Prairie 2012

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Big View Prairie page.]

7/27/2012  This is one of Mike’s cool HDR photos that he takes with an app on his phone.

7-27-12 1



9-16-12 1



9-23-12 1


11/20/2012  This year I worked a bit on clearing out some of the brush at the bottom of the prairie slope.  The birches that I girdled a few years ago are dying, so by clearing the brush, I’m giving the prairie and savanna plants under it a lot more light.  Here’s the before – with mostly sumac and honeysuckle under the trees.

11-29-12 1


11/29/2012  And after my clearing work – now all the brush has been cut, and the stumps treated.

11-29-12 2


11/29/2012   More of the cleared hillside

11-29-12 3