Western Prairie

Western Prairie is a huge former crop field along the western edge of our property.  It starts just north of Big View Prairie, and its northern boundary is the northern edge of our land.  It’s nearly 60 acres, so I divided it into 3 parts and planted it over 3 years.  I planted the southernmost section (section 1) by hand in the winter of 2005/2006, the middle one (section 2) by hand in the winter of 2006/2007, and the northernmost section (section 3) with a seed drill in November of 2007

These links have stories and photos of what we’ve done each year:  2018,   2017,   2016,   2015,   2014,   2013,   2012,   2011,   2010,   2009,   2008,   2007,   2006,   2005,   2004,   2003,   2002,   2000

An aerial photo which shows the whole field and how I divided it into sections.


Here are a few more scenes from Western Prairie.

This is along the edge of the woods.  The tall flowers are Purple Giant Hyssop, which grows well in partial shade.

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7-25-14 1



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7-11-15 1

Click Here to see a list of the seeds I’ve planted, and the species I’ve actually seen growing.