Pine Point Prairie

Pine Point is a south-facing point, with a field – now a planted prairie – across the bottom, and a large remnant – Big View Prairie – at the top.  When we bought the land in 2000, there was a pine plantation – rows of planted Red and White Pines – across the middle – below the remnant and above the field.

Summer 2000

whitepinesfield 2000

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This shows its location – along our western boundary, just north of the creek.


We planted the field with prairie seeds as part of our 2000/2001 planting – along with Center Valley.   We planted dry prairie plants in the upper part of the slope, and wetland plants in the lower area.

In 2001 we decided to get rid of the pines, so we hired a logger to get them out.  He made a huge mess – driving across the prairie with heavy machines when the temperature was above freezing.

1-21-02 1


So in the early spring of 2002 we again planted prairie seeds in the field. It took a few more years, but now the prairie has become established.   Here it is in July of 2022.


Click Here to see a list of the seeds that we planted, and the ones we’ve seen growing there.

We originally planned to plant prairie in the area where the pines used to be, but the loggers left such tall stumps that we couldn’t mow it.  It grew up into a thicket of small Wild Black Cherry and Burr Oak trees, giant honeysuckles and buckthorns.

September 2017


Starting in 2017 we hired people to clear it so we could plant prairie.  I planted the prairie gradually, as the brush was cleared away.  Finally, in the fall of 2022, all the brush was gone, and I planted the last of the prairie seeds.


We also had folks clearing out brush and small trees in the savanna just above the prairie.  It’s much more open now, and we’re hopeful that the savanna vegetation will return.

September 2022