Big View Prairie 2013

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1-9-13 1


9/14/2013  This fall I worked on cutting – and treating the stumps – of the sumac that’s growing up in the middle of the open prairie.  I got the whole eastern half cleared.  This is the way it looked before I cut it.

9-14-13 1


9/14/2013   And this is after cutting.

9-14-13 2


9/19/2013  Before cutting sumac on this section

9-19-13 1


9/19/2013  After cutting sumac

9-19-13 2


9/19/2013   I also worked on cutting some of the sumac on Corner View Prairie – the little prairie area west of the main prairie.  This is before cutting – the sumac is getting pretty thick and tall.

9-19-13 3 corner view


9/19/2013  Corner View Prairie after cutting sumac

9-19-13 4 corner view


9/19/2013  Back to the main prairie

9-19-13 5