Big View Prairie – 2018

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Big View Prairie page.]

We didn’t do any work on the main part of Big View Prairie this year – we didn’t even go there very often – we were busy working on other places.

We did have some work done on the lower part of the point – just above Pine Point Prairie – by ‘Ku-le Region Forestry.  We had them start cutting down the young forest of cherry and honeysuckle and buckthorn that’s been growing back in the place where we cut the pines.  They’ve cut and treated and burned about half the brush.  After they get the other half cut, we’ll have them start working on the overgrown savanna hillside, below Big View.

2/12/2018  Pine Point Prairie below, with Big View Prairie above.


2/16/2018  Ku-le Region Forestry beginning work.  Mike and I did some clearing in this section a few years ago, so the brush wasn’t as thick here.


2/16/2018  They cut and treated the brush, and burned it in piles.


3/16/2018  About half the brush has been cut


3/25/2018  This is the only photo I took from the top of Big View Prairie this year.


4/2/2018  Ku-le Region Forestry did a small burn to make it easier to cut the stumps low to the ground.


4/4/2018  The snow makes it easier to see what the next phase will be – clearing the overgrown savanna between the Big View Prairie remnant, and where the brush was cut.