Big View Prairie – 2021

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Big View Prairie page.]

We didn’t do any big projects on the prairie this year.   I worked on controlling weeds in the top savanna area – garlic mustard, burdock, buckthorn and mullein.    And Mike removed some of the piles of logs and brush that came from Todd’s clearing work.  It’s going to take some time for that area to heal.

2/23/2021  The point, showing the area where Erik and Beth cleared out the pines.  I’m leaving the big pines at the bottom of the point – as a different kind of habitat.




4/30/2021  Corner View Prairie – the small remnant that’s farther west along the point.  It faces south-west, and has many dry prairie plants.  It’s getting very overgrown with sumac – I’m hoping to get there next year and get some clearing done.


4/30/2021  The center, more open, part of Corner View Prairie


4/30/2021  White Gentian in Corner View Prairie  This is the only place on the farm where I’m sure that White Gentian grows naturally.  I’ve found it in other remnants but they’re close to our planted prairies and may just be spreading from there.  Randy Hoffman and I found White Gentian growing here in 2000 – when we were first exploring the farm.


4/30/2021  The path into the view from Big View Prairie




8/14/2021  Bottlebrush Grass and Field Thistle in the savanna


8/14/2021  Working on removing Burdock and Mullein












10/4/2021 After Mike picked up some of the brush and log piles along the edge of the savanna.