Big View Prairie – 2017

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Big View Prairie page.]

We didn’t do much work on Big View Prairie this year.  The only project I did was to cut and remove Burdock in the woods and along the edge with Western Prairie in September.

1/19/2017   View from the wetland


3/20/2017  View from the bench


7/7/2017  Pre-Butterfly Count visit




9/12/2017  The edge of the woods along Western Prairie – with Burdock


9/12/2017  Edge of the woods after cutting and removing Burdock


9/12/2017   Woods between Big View and Corner View Prairies – with Burdock


9/13/2017  Woods without Burdock

Our plan is to someday cut out all the small trees in this woods, to turn it back into a savanna.  But there are always other places to work on, so we haven’t gotten to it yet.


12/22/2017   View of Big View Bluff from the driveway