Western Prairie 2012

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This year, for the first time, I can’t find the line between sections 1 and 2.  The section 1 is 7 years old, and section 2 is 6 years old.  The line between the sections 2 and 3 (section 3 is 5 years old) is still distinct.  The 5 year old section still has more forbs and fewer grasses.







7/27/2012  Looking north from Big View.  There’s still quite a bit of Queen Anne’s Lace, but otherwise there aren’t too many weeds, and many prairie flowers bloomed.


8/11/2012  The second half of the summer was very dry, so although most of the flower species bloomed, the flowers didn’t last long.




8/20/2012   Looking south from the top of Western Prairie.  This is the youngest of the sections – 5 years old this summer.


8/20/2012  Another view of the 5 year old section.  This section still has fewer grasses than the two older sections.


8/20/2012  Rough Blazing Star


8/20/2012  Stiff Goldenrod


8/20/2012  Looking north toward the top of Western Prairie


9/6/2012  This prairie is especially beautiful in the fall, when the asters are blooming.  Most of the species of Aster that I planted have done well, and are blooming – Frost Aster, Sky Blue Aster, Heath Aster, Aromatic Aster, Silky Aster, New England Aster, Calico Aster.  I’ve seen some plants of Smooth Aster and Arrow-leaved Aster , but they’re not as common as the others.