Cat’s Paw Prairie

8-18-13 1


The Cat’s Paw Prairie is a 15 acre field on the top of our hills.  It’s the first of the upper fields that we planted in prairie – in the fall of 2002.  And it’s one of the two prairies that we planted with a seed drill.  Its name comes from a narrow strip of the field that curves up to the north from the main part of the prairie making it resemble a cat’s paw.

Here are stories of the planting and progress of the Cat’s Paw Prairie by year:
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For quite a few years after planting the central area of the prairie was dominated by Stiff Goldenrod.  (This photo was taken in 2014.)  Since then, it has become more diverse.

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This shows the Cat’s Paw Prairie on an aerial photo of our property.


This was taken from the drone on 6/4/2016, looking east over the Cat’s Paw Prairie.


This is the list of seeds that were planted in the fall of 2002, and which ones I’ve observed growing.