Cat’s Paw Prairie – 2017

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Cat’s Paw Prairie page.]

The only work we did here this year was to mow some areas for aspen sprouts.

This was a big year for Queen Anne’s Lace, and this prairie had a lot of it.

7/26/2017  This is just before the entrance to the Knife Edge Prairie.  The plants here are mostly savanna plants, and I like the way they look against the dark woods.  Oxeye, Wild Rye, Bottlebrush Grass and Eared Brome.


7/26/2017  The same area – near the entrance to the Knife Edge Prairie.


8/6/2017  Lots of Queen Anne’s Lace this year












10/13/2017  The Narrows


11/11/2017  The Narrows