South America – Cartagena, Colombia

Now I’ll finally get to the traveling part of the trip.  Our first stop was Cartagena, Colombia, where Mike attended an ICANN conference.  We stayed at a beautiful small hotel about a mile from the conference center.

This is our hotel – the outside.

Like most of the buildings in the old part of town, the outside walls are right at the sidewalk.  Inside is a courtyard, with the rooms arranged around it.

These are for Richard – they were sitting in one of the common areas around the courtyard.  They’re big knots – bigger than my fist.

The roof of the hotel

The view of the ocean from the roof

In the morning we walked from the hotel to the conference center, through the streets of the old city.

There were lots of these old wooden balconies.

And lots of flowers hanging from the balconies.

This is the conference center where the ICANN meeting was held.

More street scenes – at night

The tall ship Cartagena – in the harbor

The old city is surrounded by a wall – built during the 16-1700s.

The wall is made of large blocks made of stone and fossils.

The wall is wide enough to walk on

And has bars and restaurants along the top.

On the last day we walked along the rocky shore of the ocean and saw crabs on the rocks.