Journal for January 31, 2024

The January weather this year has been unusual.   Instead of snowy, cold, sunny days, we’ve had a mix of warm snowless days, one small snowstorm, a few icy cold days, lots of clouds and now warm breezes and melting snow.

We enjoy the snowless days – they make it easier for us to walk on top of the hills.


Twisted Oak Savanna


We’re still fascinated by the crows that fly north over our ridge every day.  They usually fly north just about the time we’re taking our afternoon walk, and fly back south early in the morning, just as it’s getting light.




They make stops along the way – resting in big, loud groups in fields and tree tops.


Every 5 minutes or so a group rises up from the trees and takes off heading north.  This is one of those smaller groups.  We’ve wondered how many crows we’re seeing – so I counted the crows in this one group – there were 730.  During the 20 minutes we stood here, we watched at least 6 similar groups take off and fly over us.


We got one small snowstorm in the middle of the month.






Now warm temperatures are melting most of the snow.


Early morning clouds


We’re under the flight path between the Twin Cities and Chicago, so we get morning contrails too.


Misty wetland


One frosty morning I walked up the hill and watched the sun rise over the ridge.


Sunrise and morning mist


Field Thistle


Sunrise from the ridge


Buffalo Ridge and Western Prairie


Buffalo Ridge