Journal for December 31, 2023

We still haven’t had much snow.  Many mornings are frosty….


…and we had one ‘real’ snowstorm at the beginning of December.






But most of the snow melted by the next day.


The frost lasts longer along the road and on Maple Ridge because it faces north.


Since then we’ve had a few flurries, and a few cold days, but the snow doesn’t stay long.


Virginia Mountain Mint with frost


Morning frost


Wetland and Sumac Prairie


Hidden Oaks Point


Walking has been easy, and I’ve even been able to work outside most days.  This is the old farmyard where I’m planting wet prairie seeds.


This is Pine Point – looking up into the savanna that we’re restoring.  I’m working on cutting and treating invading shrubs in the open areas, and Erik and Beth from Kule Region Forestry will be cutting more trees here this winter.


Armund’s Gap – looking from the Narrows Prairie into Hidden Oaks Savanna


Buffalo Ridge Prairie


December 27 – still warm enough to sit on the Hidden Oaks Point bench.