Journal for February 4, 2010

I’ve finished planting the upper part of East Center Valley.  Here’s a page that tells the story of what we’re doing – I’m trying to keep up with the stories of all these places.  It’s easier to do that in the winter, when I don’t spend as much time outside.

The weather has gotten warmer, and a little snowier, so I’ve been able to take walks, and do my planting.  One day I walked up the hill behind the house to Indian Grass Prairie.  I checked out the areas I’ve been working on clearing for the last few years.  Once the birches have died – they’ve been girdled – the hill will really be a prairie hillside.

Here’s a view of the same point from across the valley.  The top is getting barer – fewer trees and less brush obscuring the prairie.

Here’s Hidden Oaks Point – showing the thin strip of clearing we’ve done on the point.  This year I’d like to work on widening that strip.

I’ve seen some beautiful cloud formations – I notice them much more when I’m not distracted by plants and insects.

And there are always beautiful sunsets.