Journal for December 2001

A real wintry day – the first one this winter on the farm.  We’ve gotten all the seeds planted with no snow, and sometimes the fields were so muddy that we would slip down the hills.  Today we finished one last little bit of seeding – near the new road where it had been too muddy before.

Fred Linse came by (a surprise – we don’t get many unexpected visitors) and we signed the agreement to have the pines cut.  They’ll be cut nest week – starting this weekend.  It won’t be by the Amish – he forgot that part of our agreement – but he has promised to be very careful.  Mike will go down and watch next Tuesday, but I don’t like the destruction, so I’ll wait until it’s all done.

We also dropped off a plan for Perry Thomsen – a second try on the house.  He was pleased with it – a bit smaller, but nicely arranged, and good views.

We took a walk up the Knife Edge, and across to Hidden Oaks.  While we were on Hidden Oaks it started to snow.  It’s a great sight to see the snow get thicker and thicker over the valley.

On the way out, near the quarry on 88, we met Jackie Joday.  She had left a message on our voice mail, and we had looked up where they live – just at the corner of Laehn Ridge Road.  So, when we saw a walker with a red hat along the road, we stopped and asked if she was Jackie.  We had a nice chat – they’re glad to have some non-farmers around.