Journal for October 2001

My birthday trip – a short one because it started raining at about noon.  But I collected seed in the wetland and Mike showed Rick and Heath (the anti-beaver guy) Ed’s cabin site, and the places where windmills could go.  As I walked along the road along the wooded ditch, there were lots of migrating sparrows rustling around.  I “pished”, and they all popped up to see me.  It was very funny – and the most successful I’ve been at “pishing”.  There were mostly white throated sparrows, but also one fox sparrow, song sparrows, blue jays, and one warbler (mourning?) that I wasn’t sure of.   Later they came right up to the car, so I got a good look, but they were small, and yellow-green with not much to distinguish them.  There was also one kind of sparrow that I didn’t know – Henslow’s?  It was very stripy with brown and light stripes on the crown, yellowish face stripes, yellowish neck and upper breast, white belly, and a brown patch on the wings.