Journal for September 2001

We went to see Fred Linse, to see his log cabins.  They’re very nice – squared logs and simple, with porches across the fronts.  His cabin is behind his house, overlooking the valley.  We drove the new SUV on a very bad road to get to it.  It was a new road just cut out of the hill.  We had to drive through the creek to get there.  The car seemed fine, and now looks broken in – spattered with mud.

We made two new paths – one up the hill from Willow Road to meet the path to Indian Grass Prairie.  And one into the bowl.  The hill on the west side of the bowl has nice, overgrown prairie on top, and lots of orchids, probably Liparis lilifolia and Galearis spectabilis, toward the bottom.

I drove down by myself, listening to the horrifying events in NY and Washington on the way.  Had a quick energetic day, collecting seeds, so I could get home early.  It was eerie not to hear any planes overhead.

Hidden Oaks meadow was full of monarchs – several dozen – sitting all over the plants.  They seemed to particularly like the goldenrod and the Kuhnia.  A flock of turkeys were on the Knife Edge, which is coming back nicely after its summer mowing.

Collected Flowering Spurge along 37, just S of Mondovi.

Back again for more seed collecting – another gorgeous day.