A successful deer hunt – December 1, 2004

Brad got 11 deer last week! We’re so pleased, and so it he. 6 does and 5 bucks – one really nice buck that he’s very pleased with – not so many points, but big, wide antlers. That should help keep our deer population down a little this year.
Here are the hunters

Jackie says people have been seeing a bobcat nearby. A bobcat and a bear would be great additions to our animal list – I hope we see them someday.

Mike heard several Great Horned Owls on Sunday night – right after I fell asleep, so I didn’t hear them. He said they were calling right around the house – at least 2 or 3 of them.

Walking down the driveway in the tire tracks that the car made, I noticed that the mice like to run right along the edge of the track – maybe they feel like it’s almost a tunnel since it has one wall and part of a roof.

Then they turn and dive into a real tunnel built into the side of the car track.