Journal for December 31, 2014

We’re having our coldest weather of the winter so far.  It’s been -14F in our valley the last two nights, and -9F on top of the hill.  It’s up to 5 degrees above zero right now – at 10am with the sun shining.  So most of our days have been spent inside catching up on computer projects.  Up until last week we didn’t have much snow, so it’s been easy to walk.  Here are a few wintry prairie scenes.

The Narrows Prairie

narrows prairie 12-1-14


Pat’s Prairie, looking at our house, with Indian Grass Point above

Pats Prairie 12-3-14


I took a long walk up Maple Ridge – our new land across the road.  It was fun to be able to look back across to the rest of our land, and see it from a new perspective.  This is looking north, up Center Valley to the house.

view from Maple Hill 12-17-14


A few days after Christmas we finally got some ‘real’ snow – about 5 inches.  Now it’s harder to walk up the hills, but it’s beautiful to look at.

snow in center valley 12-27-14


Our first Golden Eagle of the year – and the first time we’ve ever gotten a good photo of one.  It flew almost over our heads, and up to a perch at the edge of the Knife Edge Prairie.

Golden Eagle 11-29-14


As we were taking pictures – from way down at the bottom of the valley – a young Bald Eagle flew past the sitting Golden Eagle.

two eagles 11-29-14


This is our other great photo for the month – a Southern Flying Squirrel eating sunflower seeds in our birdfeeder.  We knew we had flying squirrels, but had never gotten a good photo before.  The squirrel seemed quite relaxed, even with me on the other side of the window, shining a flashlight and a camera at it.

Flying Squirrel 12-27-14


Snowy woods

cabin road 12-28-14


Sunset over the house


house 12-28-14