Hidden Oaks Point – 2022

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

We’re slowly expanding the open area of the prairie point, and I’m continuing to maintain the south-facing slope that the folks from Kule Region Forestry cleared in 2017.

In early April I cut brush – mainly small buckthorns – on the east-facing slope below the point.  Mike mowed the lower point in May.  In October I cut and treated brush in a strip – 8-10 feet wide – along the edge of the west-facing point all the way north into the edge of Hidden Oaks Savanna.  Mike cut a few of the medium sized trees that were along the edge or growing out into the prairie, and one big female buckthorn on the point.

3/13/2022  Our first time this year sitting on the bench.


4/3/2022  Slope that was cleared in 2017.  Mike mows up as far as he can, and I work on the higher slope by hand, cutting and treating brush.


4/3/2022  A brushy area just below the prairie point after cutting and treating the brush.




4/26/2022  Another example of an area where a lot of brush has grown up – in this case mostly raspberries and honeysuckle – before I’ve worked on it.


4/27/2022  Looking down from the prairie at the brushy areas that I’ve been clearing.


4/27/2022  Pasqueflowers blooming!  I planted seeds here a few years ago and after many years of wishing and searching I finally found one plant blooming here, and one blooming on the Knife Edge Point.








5/24/2022  Raccoon climbing up into one of the oaks on the point


5/24/2022  Looking straight down the end of the point – Hoary Puccoon


5/24/2022  Looking the opposite direction – up the point.


5/24/2022 Hoary Puccoon and Burr Oak seedling


5/24/2022  Hoary Puccoon and Blue-eyed Grass




7/3/2022  Green Milkweed


7/3/2022  Looking south across the top of the point


7/3/2022   Looking north from the point along the west-facing slope


7/3/2022  Prairie Larkspur – the first time I’ve seen it growing here


7/11/2022  Wood Lily with a Coral Hairstreak


7/16/2022  Looking north along the west facing slope




7/19/2022  One Monarda plant has white blossoms




9/16/2022  Clearing work on the west-facing slope


9/23/2022  Silky Aster


10/3/2022  Heath Aster






10/5/2022  Clearing work on the west-facing slope – before cutting


10/5/2022  After cutting








10/21/2022  Looking back along the east-facing slope






12/4/2022  Last time on the bench for 2022