3 Finger Valley 2002

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2/7/2002  Looking down at the valley from our neighbor’s land

2-7-02 1


9/24/2002   The first year of a prairie planting is very discouraging – it just looks like a field of weeds.  I watch for the tiny prairie seedlings as I walk across the field but seldom find any. The seedlings spend most of the year putting down deep roots, and it isn’t until the second or third year that they start to grow much on top. We mowed this prairie about 3 times over the summer to control annual weeds.

9-24-02 2



9-24-02 3


9/24/2002   A wide view of the valley after one of the mowings.

9-24-02 1



9-24-02 4



9-30-02 2



10-7-02 1