East Center Valley 2009

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main East Center Valley page.]

1/1/2009  We have a lot of photos of this spot because it’s so pretty and because it’s on our morning walk.



The prairie does have some diverse areas, but much of it is still dominated by Canada Goldenrod.

8/19/2009  The wet area near the birdhouses looks better than most – maybe wetland species are better at out-competing goldenrod.

8-19-09 1


7/12/2009  Turk’s Cap Lily bloomed here this summer.




8-8-09 2


8/8/2009  Joe Pye Weed at the wet end of the field

8-8-09 3


8/2009  Cup Plant






10/5/2009  Mist over the creek

10-5-09 2


9/8/2009  This year we decided to mow the upper field and plant prairie seeds.  I didn’t want to spray because there are some natives growing there, and I especially wanted to preserve the violets, which are difficult to add back in to a planted prairie.

sm 9-8-09 2

Here’s a link to the full story of planting the upper prairie – beginning this year, in 2009.

10/5/2009  Showing the mowed upper field, and the prairie in the lower field



10/19/2009  I used stakes to divide the prairie into sections, so I would be able to spread the seeds fairly evenly.

sm 10-19-09 2


10/19/2009   After staking

sm 10-19-09 3



sm 10-19-09


10/26/2009   evening sun highlighting the upper prairie