Indian Grass Prairie 2005

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1-31-05 1


4/23/2005   These are some old oaks on a very shrubby hillside beyond Ragwort Opening.  They’re quite a way in from the opening, so I’m not sure how soon we’ll get far enough in to be able to clear around them.  It’s definitely the remnant of a savanna – there are prairie/savanna plants growing under the oaks.

4-23-05 1


5/14/2005   This spring I girdled the trees in the aspen grove on the point, beyond the clearing work we did last year.  Under the trees in the spring I see Hoary Puccoon and Prairie Violet, and later there are Leadplant, Monarda and some of the prairie grasses. 

5-14-05 ig


5/16/2005  The main savanna opening, with the girdled aspens in the background

5-16-05 1


8/7/2005   This year all the Sweet Clover that sprouted in the prairie after the burn has bloomed.  I spent several days pulling it, but I couldn’t get it all.

8-7-05 1


8/7/2005  The savanna opening is full of weeds – mostly Queen Anne’s Lace, Burdock, and non-native thistles.  I pull them out when I can take time from other weeding projects.

8-7-05 2