Hidden Oaks Point – 2018

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]

We did two projects here this year.  Mike cut (with a weed whacker) the small sumacs on the main part of the bluff prairie.  That should slow them down a little.  We should really cut them twice in one year, but we never seem to get to it.

I worked on the hillside that we had Kule Region Forestry clear last year.  Since I had never treated the smaller shrubs, they were started to grow back – honeysuckle, buckthorn, prickly ash and raspberries.  I cut and treated as much as I could – about half of what was there.  I’ll try to do the rest next year.

1/31/2018  View from the prairie point


4/24/2018  View down over the cleared hillside


5/13/2018  Looking at the cleared hillside – with brush growing back


5/23/2018  A group of Burr Oaks at the edge of the point


7/31/2018  The prairie with sumac mostly cut




8/22/2018  Mike mowed the lower part of the hillside, so I wouldn’t have quite so much to cut and treat.


8/22/2018  Looking from the top, it looked pretty thick.




8/29/2018  The prairie after cutting sumac




9/12/2018  The hillside after I’d cut some of the brush






9/22/2018  Deer like the mowed and cleared places too.


9/28/2018  Nearly finished brush cutting






10/18/2018  Finished brush cutting on the hillside – clear all the way to the top