3 Finger Valley 2014

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main 3 Finger Valley page.]

8/24/2014  This is the wet gully where the intermittent stream runs, in front of the cabin.  Not much water ever runs there now, but it still supports wet shade loving plants.

8-24-14 1


8/25/2014  Green-headed Coneflower and White Snakeroot under the walnut trees

8-25-14 1


8/25/2014  One of the walnuts bent down over the path.  It seemed too difficult to cut it down, so we’ve been mowing under it.

8-25-14 2



8-25-14 3


8/25/2014   Giant Swallowtail

8-25-14 4


8/31/2014   The top of the valley, where the 3 fingers come together

8-31-14 1