Hidden Oaks Point 2010

[To see photos and stories of this prairie in other years, go to the links on the main Hidden Oaks Point page.]


2-1-10 point from below


4/23/2010  Looking out from the point – still plenty of birch trees on the hillside

4-23-10 view from point


10/9/2010  We tried pushing down dead aspens with the tractor.  It didn’t work very well, so we stopped.  We’ll just have to wait for them to fall down.

10-9-10 1


11/20/2010  Carlos came to help do a clearing project, so we decided to work on the east facing slope of the prairie, starting at the bottom.  This is what we were clearing – thick brush, with dead, fallen aspens on the ground.

11-20-10 1


11/20/2010  Carlos and Mike

11-20-10 2 carlos helping with chainsaws


11/20/2010  Carlos having a fun with chainsaws

11-20-10 carlos helping with chainsaws


11/20/2010  We cut and piled brush and fallen trees, and then moved the piles down the hill to our waste brush pile in the valley.  We got one small swath cleared – it takes a long time.

11-20-10 brush piles east side of point