Journal for February 2, 2021

It’s been a beautiful winter so far.  We’ve had enough new snow to keep it looking white and fresh, but not so much that we can’t easily walk up the hills.  Right now there’s about 6 inches on the ground, just enough to give us plenty of exercise when we walk.

Center Valley from Indian Grass Point


Twisted Oak Savanna


We finished our annual ‘Seasons’ video of Prairie Haven – a year of photos and sounds – all recorded here.  I’ve had a lot of questions about the plants and animals in the slides, so this year I’ve added a list.  Click on this photo for a link to the video, as well as more information and links.



For a week in early January the weather was cold and misty, and we woke up each morning to rime ice covering every surface.  We learned that rime ice is formed when liquid water droplets in the mist freeze instantly when they contact surfaces that are below freezing.

Rime ice covering trees and grasses on Indian Grass Point



Black Oak on Indian Grass Point



Rime ice crystals



Buffalo Ridge and Western Prairies



Oak branches



Indian Grass Point



Prairie Grasses



Indian Grass Point hillside



Hidden Oaks Point looking down into 3 Finger Valley



Buffalo Ridge Prairie



Buffalo Ridge and Western Prairies



Buffalo Ridge, looking into Volvo Meadow



Center Valley






Sumac Prairie



Knife Edge Point



Eastern Red Cedar



Sun through the mist






We’ve been seeing a few muskrats in the creek.



And a few creatures crawling on the snow.  This is a Ctenucha Moth caterpillar.    This summer it will become a beautiful little day-flying moth.



This is one of a group of long-legged spiders called Fishing Spiders.



Erik and Beth, from ‘Kule Region Forestry, did some cutting and burning of brush and trees on Pine Point.



A few of the burn piles – looking up the hill toward the bluff prairie remnant



This is a view down the hill and along the valley from the area they cleared.   The valley is mostly wetland with the creek running through it, and the hill on the other side of the road is Maple Ridge.



Center Valley with Pine Point on the left, Indian Grass Point in the center, and Sumac Bluff on the right.



Buffalo Ridge Prairie